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MaxGo Suite

The growing MaxGo Suite contains free software platforms and apps for custom setup, deployment, management and adding useful functions to your Handheld Android devices.


MaxGo Manager

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MaxGo Manager is a web-based smart mobile device management solution that allows users to organize devices into groups, assign unique group configurations, share accounts with other users, customize user permissions, add and remove apps, gain useful insights about Handheld Android devices and much, much more:

  • MaxGo Manager is a free software solution that allows Handheld Android users to easily configure, manage and support all their devices, regardless of deployment size.
  • MaxGo Manager provides a simple and streamlined way for users to download and install apps, update operating systems, change system and client settings, run staging scripts and more.
  • Display helpful charts such as battery levels, charging levels, CPU temperature, signal, and signal strength. Users can also clear app data or force-quit problematic software, as well as delete or completely clear device data.


MaxGo Staging

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MaxGo Staging is a web-based solution allowing customers to set and apply configurations in an easy-to-use online platform.


MaxGo Kiosk Home App

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Users who want to limit device use to specific applications can use MaxGo Kiosk custom settings to ensure devices are only used for their designated purpose. Restrict system access, block or allow individual apps etc.


MaxGo Kiosk Browser App

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Keep device use focused, safe and relevant with MaxGo KioskBrowser, a customizable Chrome-based browser solution with Kiosk Mode that restricts device use to authorized websites and functions.


MaxGo Tag Writer App

tag writter

Create a NFC tag to mass deploy any Handheld device with a single action.

This tool can be used with barcodes or a raw/bin file generated from MaxGo Staging.


MaxGo Keyboard Toggle App

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The Android keyboard can get in the way of your app in some cases. If you just need a quick way to disable and open the keyboard anywhere, then this is the right tool for that.


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